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Drug Courts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Drug Courts - Research Paper ExampleConversely, when those forces are unequal, some economics nidus on the supply side of the equation, while others view the take away side as that which needs to be focused on. The history of economics is one that shifts in emphasis from supply to demand and back again. It will be argued in the following that the use of diversion in the flirts represents a good step toward tackling the demand side of the do drugs equation. And, what is important beyond the triumph or failure, is that it is an attempt to deal with demand rather than continuing the war on drugs that aims mostly at supply. This said, while it is a step in the amend direction, there are some important limitations. Community based drug rehabs have had a largely positive outcome. One of the tertiary side effectuate of wide scale drug use, is the increase in crime as a consequence. While it is the case that drug use itself is largely illegal, that is not the repair crime committed by drug users. There is a large incarceration rate of persons who did crimes to support their drug habits Stone and Stone 95. This can mean something as simple as a house-robbery, to the large scale distribution of narcotics, to neglecting the welfare of ones children because of the time constraints and debilitating effects of addiction. These three examples stand to show how diverse the consequences of drug addiction is. Policing and thus, the nefarious justice system are pretty burdened by drug abuse both in its primary sense, but to a fault in the secondary or tertiary consequences of addicted behaviors. The cost of this involvement is formidable. For instance, where a community based drug rehab was in place in chapiter State, the cost to the community for every dollar spent varied from over $ 18 benefit from investing in a community program, just over $ 5. dollars for investing in criminal prosecution and just $ 2.08 for diversion courts Velazquez 14. The dollar investment in community based programs is economically much more thriving than other approaches, and yet, it is estimated that among the population in the US, nine percent of Americans are addicted to some type of narcotic on the one hand, and on the other hand, less(prenominal) than a quarter of those receive substance abuse treatment, and finally, among that quarter, about 37 % of those treated were mandated to do so Velasquez 14. Before looking at how and where the drug court system presents itself as limited, as compared, for example, with the optimal course of treatment which is community based, some remarks on the success of drug courts will be presented. Likewise, the rationale puke the very practice will get outlined. The very purpose of drug courts, is to avoid the costly endeavor of criminal incarceration. There is a cost strengthened into housing an individual in jail, but also a larger cost than that when one considers what a criminal record is going to cost that individual Nolan 1 29. For instance, one could describe a vicious circle of criminality associated with drug behavior. When a convicted individual returns to the regular world, so to speak, they will find themselves with a very diminished cogency as far as basic opportunities go. A criminal record means that many opportunities that might have once been open to them, are no longer available because of the conviction and incarceration. For instance, when we look at the recidivism rate among individuals who have been convicted, the rate is much higher for people who have a prior criminal conviction Wolfe,

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