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Demography and Epidemiology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Demography and Epidemiology - Assignment Example Effects of Environment on Enterprise Environmental changes can notably affect the functions of an enterprise. Such changes can also affect national as well as local sources of demographic and epidemiological data. As per reports, environment has been undergoing tremendous changes for the last few years mainly due to thoughtless human activities. These changes are likely to affect the way an organisation designs its operations since there is a strong link between environment and business. 2. Impacts of demographic trends on epidemiological environment There is a strong relationship between demography and epidemiology. Both these studies focus on an overall population rather than individuals. Hence, demographic trends and changes can have significant impacts on epidemiological environment on the health and social care. To illustrate, consider demographic determinants like birth rate, migration flow, or death rate. It is clear that a rise or fall in birth rate, migration flow, or death rate would alter the structure of a population. Since epidemiological studies increasingly focus on factors like birth, aging, and death, this type of demographic trend changes would greatly influence the outcomes of epidemiological studies. 3. ... Surveys conducted by governmental and non-governmental bodies represent other potential source of demographic data. For instance, international bodies like World Health Organisation and UN possess extensive demographic database. UK National Publication Hub is one of the major sources of demographic data in the United Kingdom. 4. Key aspects of social environment Evidently, demographic and epidemiological study results may be notably influenced by various social environmental aspects including lifestyle, food habits, and political status. Many scholars opine that social environment is very likely to cause demographic variations through behavioural mechanisms. â€Å"One aspect of social environment, relative abundance to heterospecifics, influences the intensity of reproductive interference and its demographic effects.† (Hettyey and Pearman 2002). B. A whole new consumer healthcare segment is emerging Today, prevalence of diseases is very high due to some notable changes in life style trends. The ‘fast-food’ habit has greatly contributed to an adverse shift in epidemiological distribution of an area. Reports indicate that the number of people with diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and osteoporosis is increasing day by day. For instance, studies (Hembert et al. 2012) show that changing demographics is more likely to increase the prevalence of chronic diseases. As discussed earlier, the correlation between demographic trends and epidemiological environment has far reaching impacts on healthcare and social life. For instance, notable demographic trend changes may compel epidemiologists to adopt new disease prevention tactics and other healthcare policies. Similarly, demographic and subsequent

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