Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Finger print as a crime fighting technology Essay

Finger print as a crime fighting technology - Essay Example (Cowger, p56) Fingerprinting has turned out an important and useful biotechnological application as there are several benefits of DNA fingerprinting. It helps the medical scientists in the identification of the organisms causing different diseases. With the help of DNA fingerprinting the paternity of a person could be established so the babies could be identified even if their parents were switched at birth time. Along with that DNA fingerprinting also helps in criminal investigations (Grew, p566). The investigators can take any skin tissue, blood drop or semen from the crime place and then use to decide weather any particular person was present at that place or not. Moreover DNA fingerprinting also helps in the identification of a body when it is decomposed or now available complete due to any incident (Beavan, p98). The use of fingerprinting is getting popular for different purposes due to variety of advantages offered by this technology however there are some negative aspects of t his application as well. There are some technical difficulties associated with DNA fingerprinting for example there is possibility that any error can occurred in the hybridization and probing process. In this way the investigation of a crime or paternity identification could be misguided however there are little chances for errors in this test. The probability determination and population genetics are the other problems related with DNA fingerprinting (Belkum, p122). An important application of the latest technology of fingerprint is its efficient use for fighting against the crime. It has been evolved as an important crime fighting technique as it helps the investigators in finding out the potential suspect of the crime by telling about the people present at the crime scene. There are several developments in the field of fingerprint that have allowed the investigators and crime fighters to refine their efforts in the field of crime fighting and investigation. For instance, the poli ce now commonly use the automated license place recognition camera for finding the stolen vehicles (Scheibert, et al, p1503). There are certain techniques within the fingerprinting technology that allow reaching the suspects in different ways. For instance, the brain fingerprinting technique is also used for meaning the suspect electrical brainwaves. In this method, the police make the suspect wear a headband embedded with electric sensor and the different images are shown to him on the computer screen. It is based upon the belief that the brain reacts in specific manner towards specific type of information and the brain activity and response towards certain pictures of the crime scene could help finding out his involvement in the crime (Cowger, p56). Due to the increased use of fingerprint for the crime prevention it has become a common practice in most of the countries of the world that the people are required to give their fingerprints at several locations like shopping mall, air ports and other public places. It allows maintaining the record of the fingerprints of the people visited at particular place during that time and later these fingerprints could be used to match with the fingerprints found at any crime scenes. These fingerprints also allow sorting out the people involved in any crime committed earlier. In this way, the fingerprinting technology allows fast recognition of the crime suspects. The most important use of fingerprinting te

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