Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Acquiring Effective Writing Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Acquiring Effective Writing Skills - Essay Example Structuring thoughts in a logical manner was another serious obstacle for me. Despite the fact that my first essays seemed bright and saturated with ideas, the form itself was messy, and it was impossible to capture the logic of the narration. However, with the help of this class, I have learned to stick to the traditional model of essay composition and realized that structure is like a skeleton of the text so it needs to be exceptionally strong. Among the valuable things I have understood during the whole course was that self-organization does matter. Creating texts is the process which is impossible to predict. Sometimes it takes hours to find relevant sources, sometimes bright arguments appear out of nowhere. Procrastination and inability to focus on the thesis of text makes it â€Å"empty† and turns the whole process of writing into a burden. In order to keep the track of the thought, I have learned to reread constantly what was written and fix it in the process, not after finalization. I realized how important editing is because it often seems that the essay is immaculate but reading it two or three times allows seeing it from another perspective. I have understood that I imagined writing in a completely different way before as for me it was a process totally dependent on inspiration. If the Muse has visited you - there is a chance of writing a brilliant text. It turned out that only in the process of analysis of arguments, structuring, and correcting your own thoughts it is possible to get any inspiration.

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