Friday, October 18, 2019

Military Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Military Technology - Essay Example The internet and phones connect us to people who are thousands of miles away from us and have bonded people together as well as widening our view on staffs and made information even more accessible to persons. Evolution of technology has made life easier by saving lives via technological medical advances. Newer technological advances might lead to newer scientific discoveries. For instance, the developed DNA sequencing and copying technologies has led us into important breakthroughs in several areas of biology, specifically in reconstruction of evolutionary relationships amongst organisms. One might think the society is relying too much on it but that might be a good staff since that's the way our lives seems to be improving now thanks to technology (Hardy, 2002). Our everyday lives are spent surrounded by technology and technology not just being Xboxes and TVs. We heavily depend on cars, trains, and planes for transportation. The society also rely greatly on advancements in weaponry so us to keep the country safe. We spin around technology and it has enhanced our lives greatly. I think our everyday life would be miserable without evolution of technology. ... Moreover if you don’t own a recent one then it`s same as not owning one at all. With the evolution of technology, we are discovering new, and life altering ways to enhance research into many diverse fields which we use every single day. One of the most essential forms of research which with the aid of technology has assisted individuals worldwide is medical research. Devoid of the evolution of technology that the society has now, most of the treatments the society has for diseases, injuries and infections would have not been invented if the technology society has today did not exist. Human life spans would significantly be reduced, and they would not recover from diseases, injuries or infection the way they are able to now. Less harmful infections and injuries would be more serious and might not heal as they do. Diseases too would be way more deadly than they are currently (Jaeger & Bowman, 2005). A good example of how society is dependent on the current technology to assist p eople as well as make huge improvements on illnesses is evidenced in reliance on artificial limbs to make life easier. The continued funding of NASA( National Aeronautics and Space Administration), together with its combined innovations in shock-absorption and robotics materials are inspiring and allowing the private sector to generate new and better solutions to animal and human prostheses. Advancements for instance Environmental Robots Inc.’s improvement of artificial muscle systems that has actuation capabilities and robotic sensing for use in extravehicular activities and space robotic of NASA are being adapted to generate a very functionally dynamic artificial limbs. Technology also make our lives easier and that of society through improving the transport sector.

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