Monday, November 4, 2019

'Using a case study approach, critically appraise and evaluate Essay

'Using a case study approach, critically appraise and evaluate the nature of therapeutic interventions, in the management of a client's underlying condition or presenting symptom(s)' - Essay Example It is evident that owing to the busy schedule of individuals, people become unable to take care of themselves that can influence their health in a negative manner altogether (Suthakaran & Adithan, n.d.). Notably, as per the provided case, Mark is a patient who has been admitted to acute ward owing to his sudden collapse. Upon analysis of his past medical analysis, he was seen to be suffering from depression and anxiety, for which he chose pharmacological intervention over psychological treatment. Contextually, extensive secondary research study has been conducted for the research in depth where information will be collected from journals, literatures and research articles. The primary aim of the intervention includes identifying the potential benefits of therapeutic interventions with the combination of pharmacological and psychological interventions. As per the provided case study, an individual male at the age of 28 was admitted to acute ward after a sudden collapse at home. He was believed to be under the influence of extreme work pressure owing to which he developed an extreme level of stress. Past medical reports of the patient suggested that he was suffering from anxiety disorder and depression but was reluctant towards visiting psychologist. During the treatment of Mark in Acute ward, he showed negligible signs of any depression and anxiety despite of the aspect that he did not get any help from psychologists or any other healthcare professional in the past. He was in constant intake of Citalopram 40 mg on a daily basis. Correspondingly, it is believed that the patient and his symptoms regarding anxiety can be managed with the help of therapeutic intervention. Various noteworthy developments have been observed in the domain of nursing over the years. The profession have become one of the most prominent parts within the healthcare domain since

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