Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Role of Open Design in Engineering â€Å"Before I start teaching you all Industrial Revolution, I have a question?†. My history teacher drifted towards the blackboard and wrote - â€Å"Who invented the Steam Engine?† I raised my hand promptly. â€Å"Yes, Ankit.† I stood up - â€Å"James Watt, maam!† â€Å"You are correct. It was the invention of Steam Engine by James Watt that changed the world and led to the industrial revolution.† I gave a equanimous smile and took my seat. Boldrin and Levine mentioned in their book Against Intellectual Monopoly how James Watt got the idea of allowing steam to expand and condense in separate containers while repairing a small Newcomen steam engine. In 1768, he applied for a patent on the idea after doing a series of improvements. He spent the next six months working hard to obtain his patent, made an alliance with the rich industrialist Matthew Boulton and even secured an act of Parliament extending his patent until the year 1800. In the name of economic freedom, the great statesman Edmund Burke spoke eloquently in Parliament against the creation of this unnecessary ...

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